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Hi, I’m Roberta

I offer professional and affordable proofreading and copyediting services for independent and self-publishing authors of fiction and non-fiction manuscripts.

Whether you’re writing a novel or short story, let me help you craft sentences that stand out.

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I can’t recommend Roberta’s fiction editing services enough! Working with her has transformed my manuscript. Her keen eye for detail, insightful feedback, and expert guidance has taken my story to new heights. With her support, my characters became more vibrant, the plot more compelling, and the overall narrative more polished.
Marcus, MA Creative Writing student
From the moment I entrusted my manuscript to Roberta, I knew I was in expert hands. Her attention to detail is unmatched, and her insightful feedback has transformed my story into something extraordinary. She truly understands the essence of storytelling, and her suggestions have elevated my characters, deepened the plot, and enhanced the overall narrative flow. I wholeheartedly recommend her fiction editing service to any author seeking to refine their work and unleash its true potential.
Tess, Indie author
Roberta’s fiction editing service is an absolute game-changer! Her talent and expertise as an editor have breathed new life into my manuscript. With an incredible eye for detail, she spotted areas for improvement that I hadn’t even considered. Roberta’s passion for storytelling shines through in her work, and her commitment to helping authors succeed is truly inspiring. I’m beyond grateful for the exceptional service she has provided. If you’re looking for a top-notch fiction editor who will elevate your writing to the next level, look no further than Roberta. She is an absolute gem in the editing world!
Abbie, Poet and author
Roberta’s attention to detail and meticulous approach have taken my writing to a whole new level. Not only did she catch and correct every grammar, punctuation, and spelling error, but she also provided invaluable suggestions to enhance the clarity and flow of my work. Thank you, Roberta, for your exceptional work!
Alec, Creative Writing student and short story author
Roberta’s keen eye for detail and commitment to perfection have transformed my manuscript. Not only did she meticulously correct grammar and punctuation errors, but she also provided insightful suggestions to enhance the overall clarity and cohesiveness of my writing. My words now flow seamlessly, and my message is conveyed with precision. Roberta is an absolute pleasure to work with. I am grateful for her invaluable contribution to my project and highly recommend her proofreading service to anyone in search of a truly exceptional editing experience.
Claire, Poet and author


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Manuscript Critique

Are you almost ready to publish your work or submit it to an agent and think you might benefit from a personalised critique from an industry professional? My manuscript critique service focuses on your writing as a whole.

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Full line and copy edit

You’ve worked hard on your story and are happy with the structure. Now it’s time to check the writing flows with sentences and paragraphs that are clear and stylistically consistent.

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Your manuscript is looking great but you want a final polish: don’t worry, I have you covered! My proofreading service will help you communicate your meaning clearly and effectively while tidying up those loose ends.

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Are you struggling with a writing project? Or would you simply like to explore your creative potential? My one-to-one, online tutoring offers in-depth and specific feedback on your writing at an affordable price.


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