Full line and copy edit

You’ve worked hard on your piece and are happy with the structure. Now it’s time to check the writing flows with sentences and paragraphs that are clear and stylistically consistent.

What’s included

  • Full line by line editing
  • Correcting typos and other errors to help you better communicate ideas
  • Highlighting inconsistencies in the text to ensure clarity

  • Suggesting changes to vocabulary and tone to help you connect with your audience

  • Revising sentences for concision so your writing has maximum impact
  • Restructuring text so it flows smoothly
  • Providing feedback and advice on writing style or content
  • Ensuring your document follows your chosen style guide
  • Thorough analysis chapter by chapter
  • Feedback on plot holes, consistency, dialogue, pacing, character profiles, tension, story arc, and overall development
  • Identifying clichés and awkward metaphors

  • Dialogue expression: style, tagging and punctuation
  • Layout guidance
  • Letter, word, line and paragraph spacing
  • Pace and flow: special attention to repetition and overwriting
  • Spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, hyphenation and capitalisation
  • Told versus shown prose
  • Use of tenses
  • Both a clean and marked copy turned in

I offer high quality proofreading services at affordable rates – my costs are based on the length of your document and follow the CIEP guidelines.

Copy editing: £0.015 per word/£15 per 1000 words.

Payment is split into two instalments, with 50% due once the contract has been signed and 50% due upon completion.